Put Words to Wings

Build up your confidence for writing and speaking English

Put together the right words upon the wings in your mind

Dialog with us to find the interplay of words and phrasings.

An English language and phrasing service, with use of grammar, to help people to find the right words and sentence structure to construct what they really want to think, write, and say.

    We have dedicated our lives over three decades to excellency in good communication through clear thinking, sharp writing, and eventually learning to speak well and confidently wherever we go.  Though you do not have to learn to speak well in this joint endeavor, you will slowly cultivate better speaking by the virtue of thinking and writing with clarity. Proper grammar is still important and we will do our best to inspire you, show you how grammar works, and give examples of what words, sentences, or paragraphs you are trying to arrive at. We think you will also enjoy the interplay of bouncing words/ ideas off each other, in order to arrive at the initial goals you have set or secretly desired for a better social or professional life.  We feel and believe that it is important to be able to confidently express yourself with at least some boldness in written and spoken areas of your life.  Also, we can help you make choice sentences and paragraphs, so as to get them into your written  communications, even as we find the best words for the ideas your looking to put into action. Learn simple to complex English grammar, and turn them into phrases, sentences, or paragraphs.

    As English goes, for a teaching language to be a communication tool that is used in business and known in multiple countries, is itself effective for making a global meeting place, to have a common language to engage in, as in business and life and sharing of ideas.    

Try us out and I just know you'll be benefited by our service of putting words to wings in everyday life, liberty, and pursuit of happy, productive communications..

A way with words, sentences, and paragraphs

    We are deeply and widely read, we have some development in Latin, Greek,  Hebrew, and Spanish. We have a few degrees in the sciences and are life savvy or mature in perspectives of living. This helps us be effective teachers and learning facilitators. (ie). I personally enjoy the origins and meaning of names and common words, so I'll define it for you for fun.  

    You know, our English words are drawn from many disciplines and other European languages. We have a teaching language for a world made up of words that make up our English vocabulary, and it is like a s-word of truth, helping to define your world by learning to tell people what you really think, or by words... for an avenue of honest expression by writing of what we know.  

    Finally, those who have English as a second language are warmly invited to come learn with us. We know how hard it is to put together the English language, I had to have a Tudor myself in 5th grade. That's why I strive to put words to wings, so that you can take off with your life on your own terms. 

Get one on one word fun, in sync with work and play

    For now we work together by way of cell phones and emails and local parks if we can. It should be more vital and organic, if we work spontaneously along with the structured guidance where constructions of language gives us a foundation for good communications in conceiving clear ideas, writing them down, then speaking them with confidence.  My coming news letter will be our extended tool for getting more learning and insight into what happens to words and phrasings over time as they change meaning or change not much at all.  If your willing, we can make learning fun and for your profit, others around you may even be impressed at your new found skills.                                                 


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