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What is Put Words to Wings?

Put Words to Wings is an English language learning service founded by Kenneth A. Emmons that builds students’ grammar skills and vocabulary. Our teachers will adapt your lesson plans to suite your individual needs, skill level, and interests. We help people find the right words to construct what they really want to think, write, and say.

We believe that it is important to be able to express yourself with confidence, whether in writing or in spoken conversation. We can help you improve your written communications with word choice and correct sentence structure that strengthens the way you convey your ideas. From simple concepts to complex grammatical rules, you’ll be able to implement our lessons in a variety of avenues. 

Teacher / Word Broker - Kenneth A. Emmons

Since I graduated from college 40 years ago, I have deliberately sought out ways to improve my skills and knowledge in the English language. (ie) Reading quite a lot, editing 12 books.  Over the course of my life, I have had to overcome many challenges, and each conquered obstacle has left me more prepared and knowledgeable than the last. I’m looking forward to having productive conversations through writing and forming one-on-one relationships with my pupils. Together, we can help discover how to properly use words and sentence structure to construct powerful, proper paragraphs.

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